Short history of our school


Móricz Zsigmond Hungarian-English Bilingual Elementary School is a 30-year-old institution – it was established in 1987 - but it is committed to creating traditions and good results, wants to make profit from different experiments.

The school is a big, spacious, two-storey building with 22 classrooms, a library, 2 computer rooms, a gymnasium and a big school yard. In the middle of the building there is a big hall which can give place for 1500 people. We organize different programs and exhibitions here.

At the moment we have 365 students (age 7-14).


General information


Headmaster: Mr Attila Szabó

Assistant headmasters: Mrs Erzsebet Szűcs, Mrs Éva Fülöp Sebestyénné

Address:       Mátészalkai  Móricz Zsigmond Hungarian-English Bilingual Elementary School


                        Móricz Zsigmond u. 96-98.



Telephone:      +36 44 500 074

Fax:                 +36 44 500 074




From the beginning our staff was committed to talent development so in 1991 a new experimental program was introduced. A complex program for development of gifted children was adapted and improved. We had selected classes for gifted children. The selection of learners happened at the end of class 4 on the basis of different psychological and subject tests. The structure of the complex developmental classes: morning classes meet the requirements of the national curriculum, in the afternoons children are given special extra classes where they can enrich their talent and extend their knowledge. The efficiency of this program is measured regularly.

In 1996 another elementary school was integrated into our school.

In 1998 we cooperated with Debrecen University in SOCRATES COMENIUS program and worked together with institutions from England, Netherlands and Germany.

In 2001 we started a school development project Comenius 1: ’BEGA – Counselling and guidance as necessary conditions in gifted education’.

We have connections with national and international organizations.

In 2003 instead of selected classes we introduced a new form of the program. On the basis of integration, talented students are integrated in different classes, but in the afternoon talent development classes we develop them selectively according to their talent.

In 2011 a new language teaching program was introduced. To improve teaching and studying languages we started a bilingual program. It means children start studying English from a very early age. From class 1 they have 5 English lessons a week, plus they study some subjects in English too. These are Science, P.E., Technology, History and Civilization.

From 2015 in upper classes History and Civilisation are also taught in English.


In our school our most important aims are:


-         the development of personality, individuality

-         the development of creativity

-         to make student acquire new methods of learning and develop learning strategies

-         to identify and develop talents and interest as early as possible


To achieve this aims besides the lessons we provide our student different extra classes and activities: study circles for talent development and for students who have difficulties with learning.

We can provide the following activities:

-         mathematics

-         literature

-         languages

-         art

-         dance – folk and modern dance


We encourage children to take part, to be active, to take responsibility and contribute to the school community. We believe in doing our best and having the courage to keep going when things are difficult. We believe in establishing the pattern and thirst for long life learning, the positive attitudes and self-belief so that children can achieve their goals and dreams.

We aim that children will acquire clear values, promote active citizens who develop a strong sense of belonging to their community.


The Spirit of Móricz Zsigmond Hungarian-English Bilingual Elementary School


In our school we believe that doing your best, showing consideration and respect for others and taking part are important.

We think you need to strive to find your talents and to make your dreams to come to true.

Our world needs people with ideas, active people who can face challenges and solve problems.

Do not afraid of new things or change, you need courage, you may fail sometimes but you will try again.

Work together and make this world a better place for you, for your children and your children’s children.


Teaching methods


We adopt a common sense approach to teaching methods. We take from old and new what works and adopt a broad range of strategies.

Most lessons are often class based. On other occupations direct teaching is done in smaller groups or children may work as individuals or collaboratively in various sized groupings depending on the nature of the activity.


Secondary liaison and induction


We maintain close contact between ourselves and local secondary schools.

Móricz Zsigmond Hungarian-English Bilingual Elementary School forwards essential records and information to the secondary schools to ensure a smooth transition in the children’s progress and development.




Every child is a unique special being. They look different, behave differently, develop at different times and at different rates, learn at different times and in different ways.

For their shake don’t compare them harshly with other children. Be positive and patient. The greatest gift home and school can provide is to develop them into motivated learners. We do this through nurturing interest, highlighting benefits and celebrating achievements, talking and sharing in their life and work.

We believe that learning is a life-long process which enables us all to play a full part in the development of our society, to contribute it and benefit from it. It is an active and exciting process rather than passive and dull.


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